Intelligent Fabric

A business is only as agile as its least flexible component. Often, that component is the network due to lagging technology, inflexible architecture and complex manual operations. And, the cost and complexity of designing, building, deploying and maintaining a network can be overwhelming as well.

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To address this challenge, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise now offers an Intelligent Fabric technology that brings true network flexibility and agility, ensuring business agility.  Built on the Application Fluent Network strategy, Intelligent Fabric not only delivers a resilient, high capacity infrastructure, but it also delivers automated deployment and self-healing network fabric capabilities to reduce overhead in IT operations.

The embedded end-to-end programmability also supports business agility by enabling the entire portfolio to be managed through SDN orchestration systems.  This technology is applied to both the data center switching solution and the converged campus network solution, enabling businesses to benefit from a single consistent approach for all their network infrastructure needs.

Value for our customers

Intelligent Fabric allows for simpler designs and requires fewer skills for deployment and maintenance. This allows a business to re-focus its skills on storage and application management.

Simplifying the entire operation

  • Network design: With intelligence built into the network fabric, network architects no longer need to be experts on every protocol
  • Network deployment: Deployment time and manual errors are greatly reduced by automating network protocol configurations
  • Network provisioning: Through centralized management, devices with common policies are grouped together enabling simpler provisioning and faster results
  • Network operations and maintenance:  Network operations and maintenance complexity are greatly reduced through centralized moves/adds/changes,  self-healing and device auto recognition capabilities

Providing unique visibility

The Intelligent Fabric, using integrated VxLAN overlay gateway support, bridges the gap between the overlay and the underlay by providing full visibility into the overlay applications in the same fashion as traditional applications.

Intelligent Fabric also leverages an integrated Virtual Network Profile (vNP) to deliver true automation for adds/moves/changes of applications and provides the application team visibility into network performance.

Enabling end-to-end workflow with SDN programmability

The Intelligent Fabric has full, standards-based interfaces and end-to-end programmability that seamlessly integrate into automated workflow and SDN orchestration systems.